Explore my Architectural Perception of the World
Explore my Architectural Perception of the World
Architecture and Cinema in my work.

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"Film replaced architecture as a form of art".
-Benjamin to Badiou.
My story began when I received a bachelor's degree in architecture and after I started a master's degree program, where I was engaged in a non-traditional degree - Architectural cinematography.
I start to use films to represent the design intent to the client. I want to continue to explore the perception of space and use short scenes to draw the viewer's attention.
The short film is an interview with me, conducted by Declan Gallagher, a film critic. The interview explores my unique approach to creating short experimental films that explore people's perceptions of architectural space. The focus is on how I started to bond architecture and film to create something truly innovative and inspiring. Viewers can expect to hear about my journey, techniques, and the inspiration behind my work.
My film explores how architecture and cinema can interact and enhance each other.
- I use filming in a dark room to allow the viewer to create their own image of the scene.
- Physical filters like mirrors and water can create unique perceptions of space, leading to fantastic effects in my films.
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