This work aims to explore people’s emotional development through a function of architecture, describing a person’s perception and development with physical space. I divided Gabriel’s development into four distinct stages and, subsequently, four distinct physical spaces— rooms.

Film 1

The first trailer shows her childhood. There are only spherical forms that represent simplicity and nonage. The bloody feather represents Gabriel’s childhood. She met death when she was too little. This emotional trauma starts to affect her mental and inner world.
Film 2

The second trailer is about Gabriel’s adulthood. The scenes show both forms: sharp and round. There is also complexity and chaos in a grown-up mind of a girl. She found herself as a mortician. The job helps her to forget about the past and subside her mental problems.
Film 3

The third trailer shows Gabriel’s self-realization. The lines are sharp, which represents independence and clarity about her life.
Film 4

The fourth trailer shows the final stage of her life, where she suddenly loses herself. She ended her life because she could no longer control her distorted world.
Architecture is a form of narrative and visual storytelling. The film act as a tool to express the story of people’s emotions and spaces.
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