Photography Series
Photography Series
Welcome to a captivating visual journey through Boston's North End heritage. "Thresholds of Little Italy" explores intimate doorways connecting past and present memories. Discover the North End Branch of the Boston Public Library with striking Bauhaus-inspired imagery. Experience the resilience of Beth Israel Malden's Orthodox synagogue through powerful black and white photos that symbolize unity and strength.

Thresholds of Little Italy
Step into "Thresholds of Little Italy," a photography series celebrating North End's heritage. Explore intimate doorways that evoke safety and memories of family vacations, connecting past and present.

North End Branch of the Boston Public Library

Discover the North End Branch of the Boston Public Library through my lens. I've highlighted its striking geometries and colors with a Bauhaus-inspired touch in black and white.

Congregation Beth Israel Synagogue

Experience the power of Beth Israel Malden, an Orthodox synagogue. In black and white, I capture its resilience and history, showcasing brutalist details that symbolize unity and strength.
Visual Experiments

Surreal Lights: Navigating Dreamscapes

I capture New England's lighthouses, viewed through lenses that stretch from the soft glow of dawn to the mysteries of the night. These images delve into solitude, inviting you to ponder life within these beacons—breathing in the ocean's freshness or a cyberpunk gust. It's an exploration of space, time, and the boundary between the tangible and the imagined.
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