This video is a personal creation brought to life through a rendering program and an AI-generated program. Inspired by my longing to revisit my hometown, the place where I spent my childhood, I embarked on a digital recreation of its essence. The winter setting enhances the eerie atmosphere I aimed to capture, as I pass by the familiar panel blocks that were once so familiar to me, evoking a flood of memories and emotions.
As you navigate through the video, you'll spot a couple crossing the street, warmly waving at the screen, and a brightly lit shop offering an array of goods. These details bring a sense of life and authenticity to the digital representation.
Revisiting my hometown stirs a profound sense of nostalgia, and the memories that come rushing back are vivid and poignant, leaving an indescribable lump in my throat.
This video serves as a personal testament to the power of architectural storytelling, as well as the evocative capabilities of digital media. It captures the essence of my hometown and the emotions tied to it, inviting viewers to experience a glimpse of my personal journey.

All in all, this video is a digital tribute to my past, a way to relive memories and emotions, and a reminder that some moments can still be preserved and revisited in the digital era.
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